Current Affairs & General Knowledge MCQs (2016) Part 1

MCQ: Who is the leader of the opposition?

  1. Imran Khan
  2. Maulana Fazl-ur-Rehman
  3. Khursheed Shah
  4. Farooq Sattar

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Current Affairs & General Knowledge MCQs (2016) Part 1

MCQ: Who is the leader of the opposition?

MCQ: President Mamnoon Hussain took oath on __________ .

MCQ: Iran to set up oil refinary in _________ .

MCQ: India has constructed "Baglihar Dam" in __________ district of Occupied Kashmir.

MCQ: Gomal Zam Dam was inaugurated on 12 September 2013 by ________.

MCQ: IRSA stands for?

MCQ: "All India Khilafat Committee" was formed on __________ .

MCQ: The national animal of Pakistan is __________ .

MCQ: The All India Muslim League was founded in __________ .

MCQ: Who was convicted in Rawalpindi Conspiray Case?

MCQ: Militants attacked Quaid's residency in _________ .

MCQ: The newest district of Balochistan is __________ .

MCQ: Which river does NOT flow from Jammu and Kashmir?

MCQ: Global Islamic Finance Awards (GIFA) 2013 was awarded to?

MCQ: The Head Office of Institute of Chartered Accountants of Pakistan (ICAP) is in __________?

MCQ: Number of Districts in Sindh province are __________ .

MCQ: Pakistan joined CENTO in __________ .

MCQ: The Jhimpir Wind Power Plant is located in __________ district.

MCQ: Pakistan's national tree is __________ .

MCQ: The constitution of 1973 was came into effect on __________ .

MCQ: Rowlatt Act came into operation in __________ .

MCQ: Coal-based power project is approved at _________ .

MCQ: Foreign Secretary of Pakistan is __________ .

MCQ: India is constructing "Kishanganga Dam" on the __________ River.

MCQ: Pakistan and China has recently signed an accord for development projects worth __________ billions.

MCQ: Pakistan purchased Gawader from __________ .

MCQ: Who chose the name of Pakistan?

MCQ: Mirani Dam is located in __________ District.

MCQ: The Iran-Pakistan gas pipeline was officially inaugurated on _______.

MCQ: The Nehru Report was published in __________ .