MCQs for Assistant Education Officer (AEO) for Educators

MCQ: The staff should examine the programme continuously with the ____________________of the principlal.

  1. Administration
  2. Supporting
  3. Helping
  4. Leadership

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MCQs for Assistant Education Officer (AEO) for Educators

MCQ: The philosopher who worked in mathematical and scientific didactics was?

MCQ: Who gave the Totality Conscious Ideas?

MCQ: At the time of partition in 1947 , there were __________________colleges in working.

MCQ: In our Schools and colleges , evaluation of individual readiness for further learning is becoming a common _____________.

MCQ: In America during World-War 1 , the testing of the intelligence of individuals began in _____________

MCQ: An attitude of fair-minded appreciation of its value can be obtained through a consideration of mental __________ .

MCQ: Vice-Chancellor shall preside at the ___________of the university in the absence of the Chancellor.

MCQ: President of Pakistan is the _______________in case of Federal Universities.

MCQ: In 19th century European psychologists devoted best attention to studies dealing with ______________Imagery.

MCQ: Approximately 35 working weeks in a year at _____________.

MCQ: A quantitative description of experienced data is ______________a measurement.

MCQ: Society , Family Radio and Television are the main _____________of informal education.

MCQ: Teacher are closely associated with the _________ process.

MCQ: Which philosopher gave the idea that education should be based on the principles of human development?

MCQ: When a teacher is certified to teach it does not mean his __________is completed.

MCQ: In the organization of the school the basic determining factor is the _____________________of the school.

MCQ: By Genetic method of studying human development can be utilized ______________

MCQ: The curriculum should be __________________ on cooperative basis

MCQ: According to human factor, individuals may vary from ________________to day in their performance. A.

MCQ: Skilled interviewer can discover many ________________about the person interviewed.

MCQ: Webster _______________evaluation as "examining and judging the worth quality, significance, amount, degree or condition of something."

MCQ: Who said that "These situations are mental evolutions that are aspects of conflict and anxiety."?

MCQ: Psychologists are agreed that education implies can be regarded as ______________?

MCQ: To read the lesson before teaching it is called ___________

MCQ: Formal education or school training represent _____________

MCQ: The use of technology to enhance learning process is called ________ in education.

MCQ: For Growth of children some parents and teachers were over concerned about providing ____________conditions.

MCQ: An assessment that is generally carried out at the end of a course to assign students a course grade is called?

MCQ: Community health agencies should recognize the importance of the ______________ aspect of education.

MCQ: Who are usually responsible for conducting classroom and laboratory learning studies which are carefully planned?