MCQs for Assistant Education Officer (AEO) for Educators

MCQ: Psychologists are agreed that education implies can be regarded as ______________?

  1. Process
  2. Product
  3. Both Process & Product
  4. None of these

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MCQs for Assistant Education Officer (AEO) for Educators

MCQ: The teacher can provide the kind of stimulation to enable the child to become _____________learner.

MCQ: President of Pakistan is the _______________in case of Federal Universities.

MCQ: Who gave the Totality Conscious Ideas?

MCQ: From the given below which is most suitable for the study of human behaviour?

MCQ: Which psychologists introduced the application of scientifically evolved principles and theories of learning in education system?

MCQ: Community health agencies should recognize the importance of the ______________ aspect of education.

MCQ: A quantitative description of experienced data is ______________a measurement.

MCQ: Education ________ explains the gaining experience from birth through old age.

MCQ: At the end of 19th century, which philosopher formulated laws of learning as a result of his experiments with animals?

MCQ: In 1854 , which philosopher set up laboratory to measure human characteristics?

MCQ: Teacher are closely associated with the _________ process.

MCQ: By Genetic method of studying human development can be utilized ______________

MCQ: Who introduced the theory of empiricism?

MCQ: In our Schools and colleges , evaluation of individual readiness for further learning is becoming a common _____________.

MCQ: According to human factor, individuals may vary from ________________to day in their performance. A.

MCQ: Who said that " a single shelf of a good European library was worth the whole native literature of India and Arabia " ?

MCQ: A successful practice is the real test of ________________achievement

MCQ: Who are usually responsible for conducting classroom and laboratory learning studies which are carefully planned?

MCQ: The obtaining of thought from the written material can be possible through silent ___________

MCQ: Realistic Education system supports the _____________________progress.

MCQ: Pakistan Studies was made a _______________subject for Classes X, XII and XIV.

MCQ: Approximately 35 working weeks in a year at _____________.

MCQ: It is openly observed that __________________involves much more than measurement.

MCQ: ________ includes data concerning family background and educational development.

MCQ: In 1997 how many male teachers were working in Pakistan?

MCQ: Successful educational practices evolve from the application of ________ Methods.

MCQ: An assessment that measures a student's current knowledge for the purpose of assigning a suitable course is called?

MCQ: A teacher should have an intelligence quotient of _______________

MCQ: Webster _______________evaluation as "examining and judging the worth quality, significance, amount, degree or condition of something."

MCQ: __________________ defined evaluation as " a process of delineating , obtaining and providing useful information for judging decision alternatives."