MCQs for Assistant Education Officer (AEO) for Educators

MCQ: Pakistan Studies was made a _______________subject for Classes X, XII and XIV.

  1. Optional
  2. Elective
  3. Basic
  4. Compulsory

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MCQs for Assistant Education Officer (AEO) for Educators

MCQ: When a teacher is certified to teach it does not mean his __________is completed.

MCQ: In 1854 , which philosopher set up laboratory to measure human characteristics?

MCQ: Who introduced the theory of empiricism?

MCQ: For Growth of children some parents and teachers were over concerned about providing ____________conditions.

MCQ: President of Pakistan is the _______________in case of Federal Universities.

MCQ: A successful practice is the real test of ________________achievement

MCQ: Whose statement was " Guidance is the direct relation with a person in whom he is taught to adjust with society."?

MCQ: An assessment that is generally carried out throughout a course is called?

MCQ: Which philosopher compiled Kindergarten education system?

MCQ: To read the lesson before teaching it is called ___________

MCQ: A quantitative description of experienced data is ______________a measurement.

MCQ: Psychological experiment is used to test concerning human ______________.

MCQ: The value of satisfaction in _____________is emphasizes by the psychologist now a days.

MCQ: Technical Education was ______________from the Universities and Boards of Intermediate and Secondary Education were established.

MCQ: An assessment _________ is if it consistently achieves the same results with the same students.

MCQ: In 1997 how many male teachers were working in Pakistan?

MCQ: Which philosopher gave the idea that education should be based on the principles of human development?

MCQ: Education ________ explains the gaining experience from birth through old age.

MCQ: Realistic Education system supports the _____________________progress.

MCQ: Which from the following is not a formal assessment?

MCQ: Who had devised the term IQ (Intelligence Quotient) ?

MCQ: Psychologists are agreed that education implies can be regarded as ______________?

MCQ: Mother is the ________________academy of a child.

MCQ: Motivation is the ____________________ purpose of evaluation.

MCQ: The philosopher who worked in mathematical and scientific didactics was?

MCQ: Who was the first female Vice-Chancellor of Pakistan?

MCQ: Reciting of the national anthem made compulsory in high schools in ___________

MCQ: Who become Vice-Chancellor of The Punjab University after partition?

MCQ: Which test represents the tests of abstract intelligence ?

MCQ: The famous educational psychologist Alfred Binet was ___________