Current Affairs & General Knowledge MCQs (2016) Part 1

MCQ: Mirani Dam is located in __________ .

  1. Sindh
  2. Punjab
  3. KPK
  4. Baluchistan

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Current Affairs & General Knowledge MCQs (2016) Part 1

MCQ: Total number of seats in National Assembly of Pakistan are __________.

MCQ: Foreign Secretary of Pakistan is __________ .

MCQ: Total number of seats in National Assembly of Pakistan are __________.

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MCQ: The national anthem of Pakistan is written by?

MCQ: Who is the leader of the opposition?

MCQ: The first constitution of Pakistan was enforced in __________ .

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MCQ: Mirani Dam is located in __________ District.

MCQ: Who was convicted in Rawalpindi Conspiray Case?

MCQ: Muhammad bin Qasim entered Sindh in __________ A.D.

MCQ: Who is the chairman of PEMRA?

MCQ: The Iran-Pakistan gas pipeline was officially inaugurated on _______.

MCQ: The Khilafat in Turkey was abolished on __________ .

MCQ: Diamer-Bhasha Dam has been planned on the river _________ .

MCQ: The objective resolution of Pakistan was passed on _________ .

MCQ: The Jhimpir Wind Power Plant is located in __________ district.

MCQ: By population, Pakistan is world's _________ largest country.

MCQ: Contract to operate Gwadar Port was given to __________ .

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MCQ: Who is the Pakistani Ambassador to the United States?

MCQ: Who serves as the acting Prime Minister in the absence of Prime Minister?

MCQ: The first president of All India Muslim League were __________ .

MCQ: Largest source of electricity in Pakistan is __________?

MCQ: The national flower of Pakistan is __________?

MCQ: Nawaz Sharif sworned in as Prime Minister of Pakistan on __________?

MCQ: The new Chief Justice of Pakistan sworned in on __________ .

MCQ: Who is the writer of Urdu Book "Pakistan Naguzeer tha"?

MCQ: A total of __________ amendments to the constitution of 1973 have been passed by the Parliament.