MCQs for Assistant Education Officer (AEO) for Educators

MCQ: In the organization of the school the basic determining factor is the _____________________of the school.

  1. Curriculum
  2. Management
  3. Social life
  4. Trainers

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This above question "In the organization of the school the basic determining factor is the _____________________of the school." taken from a category of Career Aptitude Test, if you learn all question of this topic click on it "Career Aptitude Test". It takes five to ten minutes to complete this free Quantitative MCQs paper 1 test. You will see 4 or 5 option of each question. You must choose / think only one option and then press on answer key for check right answer. Practice "Quantitative MCQs paper 1" MCQs and share with your friends, brothers, sisters.

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MCQs for Assistant Education Officer (AEO) for Educators

MCQ: Psychologists are agreed that education implies can be regarded as ______________?

MCQ: Community health agencies should recognize the importance of the ______________ aspect of education.

MCQ: Skilled interviewer can discover many ________________about the person interviewed.

MCQ: In 1974 University Grants Commission was established in _____________________

MCQ: The obtaining of thought from the written material can be possible through silent ___________

MCQ: Successful educational practices evolve from the application of ________ Methods.

MCQ: Which educator gave the idea of Behaviorism in education system?

MCQ: In 1997 how many male teachers were working in Pakistan?

MCQ: Which city of Pakistan is called "City of Colleges ?

MCQ: In 1854 , which philosopher set up laboratory to measure human characteristics?

MCQ: In America during World-War 1 , the testing of the intelligence of individuals began in _____________

MCQ: Which from the following is not an informal assessment?

MCQ: In our Schools and colleges , evaluation of individual readiness for further learning is becoming a common _____________.

MCQ: According to human factor, individuals may vary from ________________to day in their performance. A.

MCQ: Children should be given an opportunity to ____________the democratic way of life in school.

MCQ: Education ________ explains the gaining experience from birth through old age.

MCQ: By Genetic method of studying human development can be utilized ______________

MCQ: When a teacher is certified to teach it does not mean his __________is completed.

MCQ: In educational research , how many styles that are used?

MCQ: Formal education or school training represent _____________

MCQ: It is openly observed that __________________involves much more than measurement.

MCQ: The value of satisfaction in _____________is emphasizes by the psychologist now a days.

MCQ: The curriculum should be __________________ on cooperative basis

MCQ: To read the lesson before teaching it is called ___________

MCQ: Primary purpose of evaluation is to provide a basis for curriculum _______________.

MCQ: Bert called the intelligence to ______________

MCQ: Which is the medium of instruction at primary level in Pakistan ?

MCQ: The University Grants Commission has started training programme for teachers of _______________

MCQ: It is ________________ exercise for complete evaluation of instituations

MCQ: Which educator presents 'Law of Reediness, Law of Exercise and Law of Effect'?