MCQs for Assistant Education Officer (AEO) for Educators

MCQ: In childhood which conditions are favorable for improving of skills and knowledge begun in ____________?

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This above question "In childhood which conditions are favorable for improving of skills and knowledge begun in ____________? " taken from a category of Career Aptitude Test, if you learn all question of this topic click on it "Career Aptitude Test". It takes five to ten minutes to complete this free Quantitative MCQs paper 1 test. You will see 4 or 5 option of each question. You must choose / think only one option and then press on answer key for check right answer. Practice "Quantitative MCQs paper 1" MCQs and share with your friends, brothers, sisters.

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MCQs for Assistant Education Officer (AEO) for Educators

MCQ: Pakistan Studies was made a _______________subject for Classes X, XII and XIV.

MCQ: An attitude of fair-minded appreciation of its value can be obtained through a consideration of mental __________ .

MCQ: Who become Vice-Chancellor of The Punjab University after partition?

MCQ: Formal education or school training represent _____________

MCQ: Which educator gave the idea of Behaviorism in education system?

MCQ: Approximately 35 working weeks in a year at _____________.

MCQ: The ________________method is very useful in some areas of investigation.

MCQ: Which from the following is not a formal assessment?

MCQ: The teacher can provide the kind of stimulation to enable the child to become _____________learner.

MCQ: When was the book Child Development for early childhood studies published for the first time?

MCQ: An assessment _________ is if it consistently achieves the same results with the same students.

MCQ: Which from the following is not an informal assessment?

MCQ: Which philosopher compiled Kindergarten education system?

MCQ: In 1997 how many male teachers were working in Pakistan?

MCQ: Community health agencies should recognize the importance of the ______________ aspect of education.

MCQ: Which city of Pakistan is called "City of Colleges ?

MCQ: Who wrote the book "Emile"?

MCQ: According to human factor, individuals may vary from ________________to day in their performance. A.

MCQ: To read the lesson before teaching it is called ___________

MCQ: By Genetic method of studying human development can be utilized ______________

MCQ: In the organization of the school the basic determining factor is the _____________________of the school.

MCQ: The University Grants Commission has started training programme for teachers of _______________

MCQ: In 19th century European psychologists devoted best attention to studies dealing with ______________Imagery.

MCQ: Whose statement was " Guidance is the direct relation with a person in whom he is taught to adjust with society."?

MCQ: The use of technology to enhance learning process is called ________ in education.

MCQ: The obtaining of thought from the written material can be possible through silent ___________

MCQ: In 1854 , which philosopher set up laboratory to measure human characteristics?

MCQ: A quantitative description of experienced data is ______________a measurement.

MCQ: At the time of partition in 1947 , there were __________________Universities in working.

MCQ: A successful practice is the real test of ________________achievement