Quantitative MCQs paper 3

MCQ: If 15 cans of food are needed for seven adults for two days, the number of cans needed to feed four adults for seven days is

  1. 15
  2. 20
  3. 25
  4. 30
  5. 35

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Quantitative MCQs paper 3

MCQ: Elena purchased brand X pens for $4.00 a piece and brand Y pens for $2.80 a piece. If Elena purchased a total of 12 of these pens for $42.00, how many brand X pens did she purchase?

MCQ: 1.86 × 5 power of 10 is equivalent to

MCQ: If the base of a rectangle is increased by 30% and the altitude is decreased by 20% the area is increased by

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MCQ: In order to raise money for a class trip, Claudia sells ice cream bars at a high school basketball game. Her profit function is P(X) =$1.25x - $12, where x represents the number of ice cream bars sold. How many ice cream bars would she need to sell in order to raise $78 for the trip?

MCQ: In the first year of the Pak Stickball League, the Bayonne Bombers won 50% of their games. During the second season of the league, the Bombers won 65% of their games. If there were twice as many games played in the second seasons as in the first, what percentage of the games did the Bombers win the first two years of the league?

MCQ: A gallon of water is equal to 231 cubic inches. How many gallons of water are needed to fill a fish tank that measures 11” high, 14” long, and 9” wide?

MCQ: The total savings in purchasing thirty 13-cent lollipops for a class party at a reduced rate of $1.38 per dozen is:

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MCQ: Coins are dropped into a toll box so that the box is being filled at the rate of approximately 2 cubic feet per hour. If the empty rectangular box is 4 feet long, 4 feet wide, and 3 feet deep, approximately how many hours does it take to fill the box?

MCQ: Which of the following is a solution of the equation 3|x| + 5 = 23?

MCQ: The number 2 - 0.5 is how many times the number 1 - 0.5?

MCQ: What is the net amount of a bill of $428 after a discount of 6% has been allowed?

MCQ: If the average (arithmetic mean) of a series of numbers is 20 and their sum is 160, how many numbers are in the series?

MCQ: If k is an integer and 0.0010101 × 10k (k is the power of 10) is greater than 1,000, what is the least possible value of k?

MCQ: 0.03% × 0.21 =

MCQ: In a weight-lifting competition, the total weight of Noni’s two lifts was 750 pounds. If twice the weight of his first lift was 300 pounds more than the weight of his second lift, what was the weight, in pounds, of his first lift?

MCQ: A club collected exactly $599 from its members. If each member contributed at least $12, what is the greatest number of members the club could have?

MCQ: A company makes a profit of 7% selling goods which cost $2,000; it also makes a profit of 6% selling a machine that cost the company $5,000. How much total profit did the company make on both transactions?

MCQ: A college graduate goes to work for x dollars per week. After several months, the company gives all the employees a 10% pay cut. A few months later, the company gives all the employees a 10% raise. What is the college graduate’s new salary?

MCQ: In how many different ways can 6 books be arranged on a shelf if one of the books, book X, has to be first?

MCQ: What is the sum of the solutions of the equation |2x - 7| = 11 ?

MCQ: If 15 cans of food are needed for seven adults for two days, the number of cans needed to feed four adults for seven days is

MCQ: One angle of a triangle is 82°. The other two angles are in the ratio of 2:5. Find the number of degrees in the smallest angle of the triangle.

MCQ: If the result of squaring a number is less than the number, the number is