Current Affairs & General Knowledge MCQs (2016) Part 2

MCQ: FATA consists of Areas/Agencies

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Current Affairs & General Knowledge MCQs (2016) Part 2

MCQ: Who is the Federal Minister of Interior and Narcotics control

MCQ: Name the biggest Park (area wise) in Pakistan

MCQ: Who is the current Director General FIA

MCQ: The current Honourable Wafaqi Mohtasib (Ombudsman) of Pakistan is

MCQ: The media watchdog group " Reporters Without Borders" said in a report that "________ remains one of the most dangerous countries in the world" for working journalists

MCQ: The GDP of Pakistan is

MCQ: Which one of the following is the largest sector of Pakistan's economy

MCQ: The current speaker of KPK Assembly is

MCQ: The period of Rabi season is

MCQ: In Pakistan Glaciers covers the area of

MCQ: The tune of Pakistan's National Anthem is composed by

MCQ: Pakistan's Official Map was drawn by

MCQ: Who is the current IG of KPK police

MCQ: Which one of these is a River of Sindh Province

MCQ: Baltoro galcier is situated in the mountain range of

MCQ: The estimated population of Pakistan is

MCQ: Which area has the biggest deposits of iron ore

MCQ: The Tochi Pass is in

MCQ: The deposits of copper, gold and silver have been discovered at

MCQ: What is the total length of Hispar glacier

MCQ: FATA consists of Areas/Agencies

MCQ: Copper is used in the production of

MCQ: Girls's access to basic education got an empetus with the opening of around ______ schools in six districts of Sindh with a Japanese grant of Rs. 829 million

MCQ: Which of the following glaciers are present in Karakoram range

MCQ: Name the biggest Commercial Bank of Pakistan

MCQ: Which one is the dominant source of Foreign Exchange Earning

MCQ: Who is the current Chief of Naval Staff

MCQ: On 9 Feb, 2014 the Provincial Government of_______ launched Green Growth Initiative (GGI) to end power outages in the province

MCQ: Who is the current Chairman of NAB ( National Accountability Bureau)

MCQ: Animals Husbandary University is working at